Should you be blogging?

Once you’ve read this post reply and let me know if you agree or disagree with our thoughts on blogging. Tons of people have been touting blogs as this awesome business building tool. Yet, others seem to feel blogging is a complete waste of time. Who’s right? After dozens of conversations, searching high and low for
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Deadly Lead Generation Trends

Over the last 5-10 years there’s been a conventional wisdom develop that “real estate is all about lead generation!” After all, if you don’t have leads you’ve got no business, right? Well, the fact is you could have hundreds of “leads” and still have no business. How? Simple. If you have 100 leads and you
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Why 38 Extra Transactions Last Year was Frustrating

Last week I was blind-sided with a comment that left me almost speechless. During our coaching call we had a guest, who by most agents’ standards was CRUSHING IT! He did 121 transactions in 2012. Of his 121 transactions, 38 buyer transactions came directly from our system. A good number of his listing transactions came
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6 Daily Habits That Will Make Your Blog Better

Creating good content is probably the biggest challenges that real estate agents face. Is that true for you? If so, let’s look at six habits you can adopt to help you create better content–more often. Habit 1: Write First things first. You need to sit down and write. You need to write without distraction. You need
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Real Estate Agents: Are You Making These 6 Email Mistakes?

Thank God for email. As a real estate agent you can get a ton of work done without having to pick up the phone. Furthermore, when you have an email of a conversation you also have documented proof. But not everyone knows how to use email correctly. Here are the mistakes you need to avoid.