Listing Tips

Capitalize on these 13 battle-tested real estate listing tips—straight from the real estate trenches—to help you build your inventory into a massive fortress of listings.

The Ultimate Real Estate Listing Presentation – Discover the listing presentation that closes nineteen out of twenty interviews – in your favor – and how to harness its persuasive power.

The Key to Listing Expireds! – Combine this crystal-clear 4-step postcard strategy with your UPS and you could accumulate expired listings almost effortlessly.

FSBO Strategy Report – No-nonsense, controversial FSBO listing counsel from the industry’s top producers and experts in 9 reports.

How to Get FSBOs to Call You – How to draw FSBO listings out of the woodwork—without even calling them. Penetrate the FSBO’s thick-skinned, surly resistance with this lender package…

Winning For Sale By Owners Over – Here is a For Sale By Owner strategy that generates up to 45 leads a month for about $8.

Confessions of a Master Listing Agent – Transcript of an interview with Matt Jones, rookie agent who listed 93 homes in his first year…without visiting even one home.

Use Free Reports To Explode Your Listing Inventory – Learn how these 7 simple steps can help you successfully list 8 to 12 new homes using “consumer education” reports.

Four Questions to Rapidly Disqualify Unreasonable Sellers – This is a highly-coveted prospecting technique that will have astronomical effects on your listing inventory.

Addiction and House Values – A Beautiful Strategy to Snap Up Listings.

Four Effective Keys to Contacting Preforeclosures – Here are four keys to make contacting foreclosures and preforeclosures an effortless campaign.

The Best Way to Locate Foreclosure Opportunities – To contact foreclosure owners you must first locate them. There are several excellent ways to locate foreclosure and preforeclosure owners, such as…

Three Secrets about Foreclosures Most Agents Dont Know – Discover three good reasons why this is the best time in real estate history to work foreclosure listings.

Quit chasing leads - battling voicemail and
have real live conversations instead

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