Why Do We Have the Guts to Guarantee You Six Deals in Six Months?

Because we’ve done it for over 1,748 agents just like these two…

Bill McCormick

Using the MVR Marketing Suite I was able to restart my real estate business from a DEAD stop to over $72,000 in commissions in just two-and-a-half months! I can be myself, help people, and make money. This is the way real estate is supposed to be.

Bill McCormickExton, Pennsylvania
Carol Diament

I listed a hot property and immediately started getting MVR calls from the 1-800 sign. It sold in 2 days, but I am now working with a really good buyer who came from the MVR system. Plus, the training sessions have some of the best role playing I have heard to date. I always learn something to try with clients. You never have to “sound like a salesperson,” when you learn this way of talking with potential clients.

Carol DiamentPennsylvania

“What is MVR?”

The Mobile Voice Routing Marketing Suite is a complete sales and marketing system. Read more…

It blends proven marketing with our time-tested IVR technology, the latest cutting edge ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) technology, and ongoing training and consulting that guarantees your success.

“How will MVR benefit my real estate business?”

It creates live conversations with buyers and sellers that have you closing listings and sales. Read more…

You implement simple, cost-effective marketing that, when combined with MVR, compels 80%-90% of your leads to say “yes” and connect to you for a perfectly-timed live conversation.

“Is MVR difficult to set up?”

Actually it’s just the opposite because of our onboarding process. Read more…

You start off with up to four hours of one-on-one consulting with your own expert Implementation Coach. Every agent’s business is unique and in the initial set up we will custom fit this to your objectives, insuring you get off to a smooth fast start.

“How is MVR different than other lead generation tools?”

It’s a complete system that puts prospects at ease and creates the actual live conversation. Read more…

Here’s where proven marketing meets new technology. We use “recorded info” to remove all your prospects’ sales resistance barriers. Then our new MVR technology compels 80%-90% of those people driving by your listings, looking at your ads, or visiting your web site to say “yes.” This allows you to actually speak with prospects at their peak point of interest, rather than having to call leads back and pester them into a conversation with you.

“I thought Recorded Info was outdated?”

The data doesn’t support that opinion. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Read more…

Most agents get sucked in chasing the next new idea, rather than using data to improve their decisions. In side-by-side testing Recorded Info out produces SMS Text lead generation by more than 11.2 to 1. QR codes and mobile web pages were even worse. With MVR we’ll show you how to use verifiable data to make better marketing choices.

“How is this different than just having prospects call my cell phone?”

To put it bluntly, prospects don’t want to talk to a salesperson. Read more…

The hard truth is prospects rarely dial agents direct anymore. They have 1,001 ways to get information, so they avoid agents for fear of being assaulted with manipulative sales techniques. Prospects are sick and tired of it and they’ve checked out. The fact is you’ve got to have a completely different set of skills in today’s market. It’s now all about “authenticity and trust.”

“What are Prospect-Centered Sales skills?”

They’re counter-intuitive sales skills that allow you to be yourself and still close listings and sales. Read more…

Today’s buyers and sellers can spot old-school sales techniques in seconds. PCS skills shift from old-school “scripts and dialogs” constantly pushing a sales agenda to connecting, developing deep emotional bonds and building trust.

However, these techniques aren’t “touchy-feely.” They’re deep psychological triggers that cause prospects to open up and have a real authentic dialog with you. When mastered, this process leads to extreme high levels of trust.

“Why are Marketing Analytics important?”

Analytics take the guesswork out of marketing and give you complete control. Read more…

Marketing needs to be treated like an employee, either it produces a profit or you cut it from the payroll. Our marketing analytics give you the tools to intelligently make those decisions.

“Do You Guarantee Results?”

Yes! We give you a no-nonsense, six-month, 100%-money-back guarantee. Read more…

It’s simple. Take action with our system for six months and we guarantee you a minimum of six closed (or pending) transactions during that time, or we will refund you entire six month’s fees.

You’ll have all the guidance, training and help you need to implement this system in a highly-profitable way. However, you also have to hold up your end of the offer, which is:

  1. You’re on (or listen to the recording of) each week’s training call.
  2. You submit a weekly accountability form, so together we can track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  3. You have a live conversation with a member of your Proquest Technologies team no less than once every two weeks updating us on your progress.

If you fully commit to these three items you will produce a minimum of six closed (or pending) transactions or more in the first six months, guaranteed. You step to the plate – we step to the plate – and together we will make this thing happen.

“What is the next step?”

Place your order and we will help you get started.

Once your order is processed we will have your system set up and ready for you by 5:00 PM the following business day.

So if you are ready to get started here is what you get with our Mobile Voice Routing® and ongoing training package for a $99 set-up fee and just $199 a month…

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Once your order is received and processed:

  1. You receive a Quick Start email with your login and startup instructions.
  2. Your Marketing Kit, complete with 181-page marketing manual, 10 audio CDs, and resource CD with over 100 proven marketing templates ships and you receive it within 3-4 business days.
  3. You schedule your first one-on-one session with your Implementation Coach.
  4. You take action and begin implementing your marketing systems.
  5. You begin having live conversations with prospects and creating client relationships.
  6. You start attending our three monthly MVR training calls to sharpen your skills.

From this point, it’s simply a matter of consistently applying the systems, answering the phone when live conversation opportunities come in and, soon after, you’ll begin closing new business.

In closing, there’s one final thing to understand.

This new program is a relationship…not a transaction.

Given the nature of how we work with clients, it’s imperative that we really get to know each other, so we can help you get the most out of this process. So whenever you have questions, comments, challenges or successes…please get on the phone and talk with us.

Now let’s get started…

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