New Voice-Activated Technology Guarantees You at Least Six Extra Closings…or Your Money Back!

How can we make such a bold guarantee? We’ve done it for 1,748 agents just like these five…

“What is MVR?”

Mobile Voice Routing is a technology breakthrough that has your phone ringing with interested new buyers and sellers, creating a perfectly-timed live conversation. Read more…

It’s proven marketing, breakthrough technology, and “old school” fundamentals, all combined to make your phone ring, creating a perfectly-timed live conversation 80%-90% of the time!

“How will MVR benefit my real estate business?”

It immediately creates live conversations with the highest probability buyers and sellers. Read more…

You implement simple, cost-effective marketing strategies that, when combined with MVR, compel 80%-90% of your leads to say “yes” and connect to you for a perfectly-timed live conversation.

“Is MVR difficult to set up?”

Actually it’s all done within a matter of minutes because of our Fast Track Implementation process. Read more…

With our Fast Track Implementation your system is set up immediately. Then from there it’s a few simple steps and your phone begins ringing with interested new prospects. You can literally begin growing your lead pipeline all within a matter of minutes!

“How is MVR different than other lead generation tools?”

MVR is a system that puts prospects at ease and creates an actual live phone conversation. Read more…

With all the other lead generation tools you capture lead data. Then you dial out to make contact with prospects. Unfortunately in today’s world it takes between 6-11 outbound call attempts to get just one person to answer their phone. Then, when you actually reach a prospect, your timing is usually poor. You’re viewed like a telemarketer catching people in the middle of dinner or when they’re on their way out the door to the kids’ soccer game.

So the typical lead generation process sets you up for massive rejection.

With MVR we have your phone ringing with buyers and sellers who are interested and have questions. You talk with prospects when their interest is at a peak, while they’re interested, not later when you’re interrupting and viewed as an intrusion.

“I thought 800 numbers were outdated?”

The data doesn’t support that opinion. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Read more…

Most agents get sucked in chasing the next new idea, rather than using data to improve their decisions. Right now (in) in side-by-side testing our 800 numbers with “automated info” out produce SMS Text lead generation by more than 11.2 to 1. QR codes and mobile web pages perform even worse. Our service has all three. So we know what works and what doesn’t. However, what’s most important is with MVR you’ll create a live phone conversation 80%-90% of the time!

“How is this different than just having prospects call my cell phone?”

To put it bluntly, prospects don’t want to talk to salespeople. Read more…

The hard truth is prospects rarely dial agents direct anymore. They avoid agents for fear of being assaulted with manipulative sales techniques. The bottom line is prospects are sick and tired of the typical scripts and dialogs sales approach. That’s why they rarely ever call your cell phone.

“With 1,001 Choices Why Do Prospects Respond to MVR?”

80%-90% of the time prospects will take the simplest, easiest, fastest path to getting their one “burning question” answered. Read more…

What’s the “burning question?” When a prospect drives up in front of a home, or sees a nice picture in an ad, what’s the very next thought to flash across their minds? It’s “What’s the price?” MVR leverages that simple trigger and uses it to create a live phone conversation 80%-90% of the time!

“Why are Marketing Analytics important?”

Analytics take the guesswork out of marketing and used effectively will save you a ton of money. Read more…

Marketing needs to be treated like an employee, either it produces a profit or you cut it from the payroll. Our marketing analytics give you the tools to intelligently make those decisions.

“Do You Guarantee Results?”

Yes! We give you a no-nonsense, six-month, 100%-money-back guarantee. Read more…

It’s simple. Take action with our system for six months and we guarantee you a minimum of six closed transactions during that time, or we will refund you entire six month’s fees.

You’ll have all the guidance, training and help you need to implement this system in a highly-profitable way. However, you also have to hold up your end of the offer, which is:

  1. Listen our training material and implement the strategies.
  2. Send us your weekly numbers so we can track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  3. Have a conversation with a member of your Proquest Technologies team at least once every two weeks updating us on your progress.

If you commit to these three things you’ll produce a minimum of six extra closed transactions or more in the first six months, guaranteed.

“What is the next step?”

Place your order and we will help you get started.

Here’s what you get with our Mobile Voice Routing® system for just $99 a month…

  1. Your MVR system is immediately activated and you receive a Quick Start email with your login and startup instructions, all within minutes.
  2. Your Marketing Course, complete with 181-page marketing manual, 10 audio CDs, and resource CD with 100+ marketing templates ships and you receive it within 3-4 business days.
  3. We schedule your Fast Track Implementation session.
  4. You take action and begin implementing our proven MVR marketing systems.
  5. Your phone begins ringing and you start growing your lead pipeline.
  6. You listen to our MVR materials and start sharpening your skills.

Then it’s simply a matter of applying the systems, answering your phone and closing new business.

In closing, whenever you have questions, comments, or successes…please give us a call. We’re here to help you! Now let’s get started…


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