What Real Estate Agents Should Know about Twitter

While not for everyone, Twitter is a new communication tool that provides the real estate agent several opportunities to connect with online communities. Maybe. A tool embraced by the early adopter, the real estate agent using Twitter can benefit from thought leadership, connection to the influencers, additional message reach, access to mobile communicators, real-time communication. But
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Monday Social Marketing Mashup: Facebook

In the following weeks I’m going to zero in on some of the Web 2.0 technology for real estate agents. Each post will aggeregate all of the favorite links out there on each application. This week, Facebook. The definitive post on Facebook and real estate: Marketing real estate on Facebook. Isn’t this the bottom line?   The future of real
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Are Social Networks Worth It?

Question: can you be without a social online network and survive in real estate? Recently I asked you to help me out in a real estate marketing survey…and you came to my aid. Nothing really surprised me too much, except that everybody seems to still be using newspapers. I mean, using newspapers as much as
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Link Happy on Labor Day

I know you will either be on the lake or the links on Labor Day, so this post seemed proper.   See you on Tuesday! Massive depository of links on real estate blogging at the Future of Real Estate Marketing blog.  Landing good Internet leads. Inman TV. Networking: Is online friendshiplike the terrestrial, real-life kind? And Steve Rubel on
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11 Ways to Be the Most Irresistable Person at the Party

Networking is fundamental to the real estate business. Here’s a rapid fire list that will help you feel like the magnetic center of any room…without having to resort to a wardrobe malfunction… 1. Dance in your pajamas. Before the party, burn nervous energy by exercising or dancing. 2. Get into an irresistable state of mind.
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