Debunking the Duplicate Content Boogeyman

When we published our post at the end of December and made it free for agents to publish on their blogs, we received a few worried emails asking about Google and how they treat duplicate content. For years the phrase “duplicate content” has struck fear in the hearts of online marketers and anyone hoping to
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Why 38 Extra Transactions Last Year was Frustrating

Last week I was blind-sided with a comment that left me almost speechless. During our coaching call we had a guest, who by most agents’ standards was CRUSHING IT! He did 121 transactions in 2012. Of his 121 transactions, 38 buyer transactions came directly from our system. A good number of his listing transactions came
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10 Must-Read Posts on Great Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Posts in this series: 10 Must-Read Posts on Great Real Estate Sales Ideas 10 Must-Read Posts on Great Real Estate Prospecting Ideas 10 Must-Read Posts on Great Real Estate Marketing Ideas 10 Must-Read Posts on Great Real Estate Listing Ideas 10 Must Read Posts on Great Real Estate Negotiating Ideas Today I thought I would
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Why You Need to Know How Permission Marketing Has Changed

Back in 2000, Seth Godin defined the new advertising arena with his book Permission Marketing. In that book he taught us how to “turn strangers into friends into customers.” It was a monument in the advertising landscape. It declared the death of traditional media methods and the emergence of the most effective and profitable way
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The Most Powerful Marketing Mantra for 2010

Here’s the deal: Over the last 50 years, buying and selling a home has gotten complicated. There are so many bylaws and regulations–things you can say and you can’t… It’s overwhelming just thinking about it. No wonder most people opt to have a real estate agent help them buy or sell. But let me ask
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A Sure-Fire Way to Keep People from Using the Competition

Most people don’t give much thought to customer retention. They usually spend all their time worrying about the next deal. The next lead. What they don’t realize is how much business they could KEEP if they simply followed up with past customers. Let me ask you a question: How would you react if you got a
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How You Can Achieve Your Greatest Desire

Go ahead. Admit. You’ve got great dreams of being a fanatical success in real estate. You want to make seven figures a year. You want the eight car garage. A second house on the sea. The boat. You want enough money in the bank to run a small country. Send your children to the best
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15 Interactive Voice Response Possibilities to Discover Now

Get this: the future is coming. Fast.  Sometimes we don’t look outside our little angle of it, and that means we miss some good possibilities. Other times we simply sense something is out there…a piece of the puzzle we need.  See, some people estimate that by mid-2010, close to half of the agent’s in business
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Cheat Sheet on How to Make Your Ideas Stick in People’s Mind

“Don’t panic, but one of your kidneys has been harvested.” That’s the punch line for one of the most successful urban legends in the last fifteen years. What makes it so successful? It’s sticky: understandable, memorable and effective in changing thought and behavior.  How do you create ideas that are sticky? You use these six principles
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