Link Happy on Labor Day

I know you will either be on the lake or the links on Labor Day, so this post seemed proper. 

 See you on Tuesday!

Massive depository of links on real estate blogging at the Future of Real Estate Marketing blog.

 Landing good Internet leads. Inman TV.

Networking: Is online friendshiplike the terrestrial, real-life kind? And Steve Rubel on how the web changes our view of friendship.

By the way: how would you respond when you discover an online friend unexpectedly dies?

Exceptional–no, great!–moments in marketing. (Dig this: calling this marketing is incorrect. It is advertising, which is a function of marketing. Fun and nostalgic nonetheless.)

Short video on the future of search engine marketing. Two long videos on a completely different view of the future of search engine marketing.

The dangers of digg self-submission.

A must for you web DIYer’s: free SEO tools from SEOMoz

Finally: how to get 6,312 subscribers to your business blog in one day.